Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hello world

Hello, my name is Andrew, I am a theoretical atomic physicist, and I have spied a "gap in the market" for a blog with the theme of physics of ultra-cold atoms. Inspired by blogs about what are popularly perceived to be the sexier areas of physics (e.g., Cosmic Variance), I think that the exciting and rapidly expanding area of ultra-cold physics is worthy of a blog, and perhaps I am the man to start it. Note that like all bloggers I reserve the right to be self indulgent and blog about other subjects that interest me, even if they are off topic.

A quick word on why the subject of ultra-cold atoms is one of the most interesting in physics: 
Ultra-cold atoms are those cooled and trapped (usually by lasers) at a temperature close to absolute zero. At this temperature, the atoms obey the rules of quantum mechanics and may display the famous effects at which we all like to marvel, such as behaving as waves rather than particles, existing in two places at once, etc. Atoms may entangle with each other allowing amazing technologies that sound like science fiction, such as atomic teleportation, quantum computation and quantum cryptography. The Nobel prize in physics has been awarded to ultra-cold atomic physicists in  19972001   and 2005. Notice that Steve Chu  a Nobel prize winner in 1997 is Obama's new energy secretary.

I hope that the world is as interested in this stuff as much as me. If you work in the field of atomic physics, or are just interested in the subject, if you would like to write posts for this blog let me know using the comments section.

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  1. Sorry, pretty sure I wouldn't describe "Cosmic Variance" as sexy...

    Now, solitons...Phwoar!